Wrapped in His Splendor 

When we are wrapped in His splendor, we have a sense of needing nothing more, we see the beauty of this nursery God placed us in and he opens every door, to out pour so we can soar; unspeakable pleasures, full of treasures, waves of joy and gladness He gives us to impart to others to take away all depression and sadness, so pour out, pour out and shout I bless the Lord at all times His praise shall continually be in my mouth and I lavish my love upon You Lord. I pour the oil of gladness on your feet! So, now I say to you hurry and go to the place where you and Him regularly meet.  He has something to tell you listen well and hear for where your desires dwell, He will give to you this year.  God Bless. Amen Jej-11/4/2018

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Joan E JohnsonComment