Our Team



Operations & Publications Director


Joan Johnson


Joan’s passion is “Serving, Inspiring and Networking” God’s people as a S.I.N. Solution for wholeness in Christ.  Jesus came “Serving” mankind in love to break the bondage of sin and death to restore relationship between mankind and God.  He, as truth, came “Inspiring” men to freedom, and led his disciples into “Networking” the hearts of people together to unite the body to be in one accord for His return.   Her mission is to ignite a S.I.N. solution mentality for Kingdom Living.

Joan is a devoted wife of 25 years, mother of three great children and grandmother of five. 
Contact Joan at newselfconcepts@gmail.com or 609-204-3178.

Prophecy Heights

Director of Designs


Zachary Johnson


Zachary's passion is to design custom made clothing and products that will positively impact the nation. Coming soon with more information on Prophecy Heights products and clothing sales. 

Creative Director


Chelsey Johnson


Chelsey Johnson is the founder and director of Kingdom Creed Ministries and Author of "I am Rebuilt". She holds a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and a master degree in Public Service Leadership. She served three years in the army as a military police officer and is a trained choreographer at Encore Studio. She has founded her annual Purity Conferences and mentors young high school girls  currently in New Jersey. Chelsey's passion is to rebuild the church by shifting the culture and raising up the generations to come.

Contact Chelsey Johnson at kingdomcreedministry@gmail.com or 609-204-7548

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